Membership & Support

This webpage is currently not active for “The Friends of Ellicott”.

Please click the “Friends of Ellicott” text in the top left corner of the page to return to our normal home page. Thank you.


If you’d like to help us keep the park free and open to everyone there are 2 primary ways to support the Park.

1) Individual donations through Paypal.


2) Through a yearly $20 membership to the Friends of Ellicott Group. This can be done using the form below.

Name *
You may include two names if part of the same household.
Address *
Phone *
This optional info below is not required and just helps us board members learn more about our parks patrons.
Also if optional info is given this will allow us to enter your dog into our "Dog of the Month" contest. This is a free contest where one of our members dogs will be selected at random each month and your dog could be posted as the main profile picture of our Friends of Ellicott social media accounts!
As close as possible.
Opt In/Out of the free "Dog of the Month" contest.
Would you like us to let you know when volunteering opportunities arise? (This is non-committal. No pressure at all!)
If paying by check, all checks can be made out to : Friends of Ellicott, Inc., 132 Midland Ave, Buffalo 14223, New York. If check is selected you will not be considered a FoE member until your payment is received and processed. Thanks for your understanding.