Dogs of the Month

Name: Oliver

Breed: Vizsla

Age: I’m one year older than I was last year

Nickname: Ollie or Olls

Things that I love: Fishing at the dog park, Playing ball with my friends and sleeping in late.

Things that I hate: Going outside in the rain! And I also hate my harness.

My Favorite Treat: Anything! I love to eat!!

My Favorite Toy: Squeaky Balls

My BFF: I have 3, Sadie, Katie and Watson.

My Favorite Thing to do when visiting Ellicott Island Bark Park: I’m a Vizsla, I’m a natural hunter with an excellent nose. I love to wade in the water and look for fish and I love tracking squirrels.

What makes me a good dog when visiting Ellicott Island Bark Park: My breed has outstanding trainability so I am a very polite boy like my mom trained me to be. I enjoy saying hello and meeting new friends, I am also very respectful to other dogs, when they are playing ball I never try to steal it. I don’t mean to brag but, Vizslas are very gentle mannered and I will always wait to be invited for a sniff.

Fun Fact: My second day ever at the dog park was the First day it opened!