Friends of Ellicott
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Who Are We?

The Friends of Ellicott was originally started a few years ago as an informal small volunteer group of  Park users/dog walkers, who wanted to see the Park better utilized and improved upon.  

In 2013, we formed a “not for profit”, allowing the Friends of Ellicott, Inc to have a status to better interact with Erie County, NY the owner of Ellicott Island Park.

 The main goal of the Friends of Ellicott, Inc was to work with Erie County Park officials to provide for an environmentally sensitive off leash dog park.  

With the support of many, an agreement between the Friends of Ellicott and Erie County has been attained, effective Jan 1, 2014, the Ellicott Island Bark Park is an official off-leash dog park.

The By-Laws of the Friends of Ellicott organization can be downloaded at the following link: By-Laws.

A link to our Guidestar Non-Profit page can by found here.


The best way to help us is with a yearly membership, donation, or helping out at our events!


Our Current Board Members


Ganesa Glose



Hello! First off as the President of Friends of Ellicott Inc. welcome to our page, and more importantly, to our Park and Community!  

Some background on myself, I was raised in Western New York and have been visiting Ellicott Island for years, starting with my first dog Kayla. When Kayla and I moved to Tonawanda we discovered Ellicott Island during one of our many ventures, and I instantly fell in love with the beauty of the island! While Kayla never saw the island as an official park, I was able to introduce my aging Weimaraner Rocca and my German Shorthaired puppy Mila to our official Park in 2013 during its inception. It quickly became a place where they could have the freedom to connect with nature and I couldn’t keep them away. We enjoyed it so much that our visits to the Bark Park increased to almost daily and it gave Rocca some of her happiest days in her final years with us. We recently added Nena, a surprisingly calm, yet silly Blue Weimaraner to the mix and she has extended our tradition of almost daily visits to the Park.

Through the people I met at the Bark Park, I slowly began to learn more about Friends of Ellicott Inc. how much they did for the Bark Park and the support they needed. I started out helping with fundraising events and cleanups, which eventually lead to me chairing the fundraising committee and diving in and researching the history of Ellicott Island. Since then i’ve been driven non-stop to help Friends of Ellicott Inc., and Ellicott Island, to maintain its use as a Bark Park and make our absolute gem of an island as amazing as possible for canine and humans alike.

Through all of this, I have had the love & support of my husband, Ron Glose and our three children who have enjoyed helping out at various events. Though i’m not sure if they just want to help, or if they just do it for the pop & snow cones!  Also,I’ve gotten to know so many people that regularly attend Ellicott Island Bark Park that have become family to me. They keep me going and believing that we can do more than we ever thought possible for this lovely piece of nature that we all love and care so much for; even if it’s gone to the dogs!


Dawn Kennedy



Hello Everyone! I suppose I can start with some background. I was born and raised in Western New York and have been working for Kaleida Health since I was 16 years old.

I first started going to Ellicott Island Park in 2005, before it was an official off leash dog park, with my husband and our German Shepherds Buddy and Barney. The Island was their favorite place in this world, and it quickly became mine as well. Now we attend with my two mixed breeds Norm and Vera, or as I lovingly call them “Exotic Terrier Blends”.  I know our fifteen acre island with its trails, shelters, and wide open areas, is something that is truly special in our community. It’s something that visitors who live nearby, or who drive from hours away, really cherish. Over the years, we’ve met so many great people at the park and many have turned into lifelong friendships that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

When working with Friends of Ellicott Inc. I’ve helped lead our Fundraising Committee, aided in running a bevy of our Park events, and have been assisting in the management of our online presence since 2017.   As your Vice President, I will continue my drive and passion for this dog park because it holds a very special place in my heart.


Nancy Krall



While starting at the beginning is unnecessary, when I say I was born and raised in Buffalo, I feel like I’m revealing the biggest and most important part of my personality and character.  I’m a Buffalo girl, through and through, even though I moved away for 30 years and only returned in 2014.  I live and die with the Bills, love a beer and a good laugh, insist on blue cheese – not ranch, love a good lake-effect snow storm, and really do believe we are the City of Good Neighbors.  Moving back home brought lots of happy changes, like a new house and a new job, but none better than adopting Henry in 2016 and June in 2017.

The love, joy, and energy they have brought to my life are immeasurable.  We discovered the Bark Park pretty quickly and it became our absolute favorite thing to do.  I know our members understand when I say that it’s the happiest place on earth.

When I had an opportunity to volunteer with the fundraising committee, I jumped at it, and we’ve been going strong ever since.  I believe this Board has the very best, long-term interests of the park at heart and sustaining its landscape and joyful air is our guiding vision.  It’s an honor to serve.


Secretary & Comm./Technology Expert

Andrew Witt

Andy & Coco.png

Hello everyone! Well to start with some background I was raised in Western New York and went to college at the University of Buffalo. There I was Captain of the Men's Rowing team. This was my first introduction to Ellicott Island as I rowed past it every morning at 5am and would day-dream how nice it would be to take my own dog there sometime in the distant future.

Once I graduated I stayed in Western New York and this is when I rescued Coco and started coming to the Ellicott Island Park. Ever since then and for the last 5 years I have visited the park constantly be it spring, summer, fall or winter. Nothing has made Coco as happy as her visits to the Island, and for me the chance to “unplug" myself from technology and enjoy nature along with everyone else at the park, has been a godsend. I really think what we have here is something special, and I hope I can help grow our community for a long time to come.

With my work history in the Technology/Software field I will be running our social media and online presence along with our Secretary duties. The park has given Coco and I so much happiness over the years, and I hope to give whatever I can back.