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Bark Park Spring Cleanup 2019

Grab your rakes, shovels, garbage bags & garden gloves & join us to prepare Ellicott Island Bark Park for it's upcoming reopening!

Saturday, April 13th, 2019. 9am - 12pm eastern. 10 Creekside Drive, Buffalo, NY 14228

Volunteers needed to help with our annual spring cleanup! Now that spring is here, we are anticipating the park reopening sometime in the next month, so as usual we need volunteers for our annual spring cleanup to help prepare Ellicott Island Bark Park for reopening.

Please come with your rakes, shovels, tarps, wheelbarrows, trimmers & anything else you think would be useful in cleaning up the park. All leaves & branches need to be moved to the edges of the island & any trash lying around the grounds or in shelters needs to be removed.

We will also need some volunteers to assist in projects such as plantings at the beach area near turtle landing, building a barrier around the old dog beach area & in setting up a chain link kennel that will be used as a tree nursery, so that we can get trees further established before planting in the ground.

So please grab what you need & come join us to get the park ready for daily use so both us & our furry friends can get back to enjoying the beautiful park we have.

We’ll have our pictures from the event uploaded here soon!