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amherst / new York

Ellicott Island Bark Park


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Official Park Updates

From the Friends of Ellicott, Inc. Staff


Community-Updated Park Conditions

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Monday: 7am - Dusk

Tuesday: 7am - Dusk

Wednesday: 7am - Dusk

Thursday: 7am - Dusk

Friday: 7am - Dusk

Saturday: 7am - Dusk

Sunday: 7am - Dusk

10 Creekside Dr, Tonawanda, NY, US, 14228


GPS Park Location

10 Creekside Drive

Tonawanda, NY 14228

Mail Address

132 Midland Ave.

Buffalo, NY 14223

Contact Us

Emergency Numbers

Please call 911 for all emergencies.

The park is an Erie County Park, located in the Town of Amherst.

It is policed by the Amherst Police and the Erie County Park Rangers.

Non - Emergency Numbers

Amherst Police Non-Emergency and Animal Control


Ellicott Creek Park Maintenance Area


Erie County Parks Administration



Park Rules