One-Time Yearly Membership to the "Friends of Ellicott, Inc."

One-Time Yearly Membership to the "Friends of Ellicott, Inc."

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With this one-time donation to the “Friends of Ellicott, Inc.” group you’ll receive a one year membership to our group. This comes with voting rights during our annual meetings and most importantly helps keep our park up and running.

All of our different membership levels all give the same benefits except for the knowledge of the donor that their extra help is what really keeps our park going.

Your membership helps support our park by paying for things such as our yearly insurance costs, island maintenance for things like erosion and ground upkeep, and a myriad of other costs that go into keeping this amazing place here for years to come.

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit group and this donation is tax deductible.

Once we receive your donation and your information is processed we will send you your membership card by mail.

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